But I'm Here!

Rushed in this morning, a bit behind,
Not dressed right, homework left to find.
No pencil with me, but don't you worry,
I'm here to learn, no need to hurry.
Dressed a bit different, it's a small mistake,
Ready to learn, for knowledge's sake.
No pencil, no notes on my page,
But I'm here, setting off on a learning stage.

 In the morning's hurry, a bit of a mess,
I stand here, ready, no need to guess.
Not perfect, but I'm standing strong,
Excited to join the classroom and belong.
Through challenges and hurdles, I'll strive,
A journey of growth, this student's drive.
Not flawless, but ready to shine,
In the classroom's world, this place is mine.

--Zahlia B., 3rd-5th Grade