Beauty is Reformation

Beauty; many only see it by looking at gardens in full bloom-
It is rare that they see beauty in a simple sidewalk too. 
The smooth, run down pavement carved into the ground- 
It’s surface holds the footsteps of many youth. 

The cracks caused by many journeys to and back from school- 
It is the ground that has felt drops of water from both someone’s tears and heavy rain. 
Having beauty is having experience. 
Eroded hills were once mountains too, beat down through years of life and seasons. 

Like the golden, Saharan sand that has traveled across itself for generations, 
The breeze has moved it all around, but it still stays the same. 
I wonder how water can crash with so much purpose onto dirty sand 
And how land can be parted so perfectly a river can be named. 

But I realize time does not discriminate nor favors, it reforms. 
The way a wrinkled hand can display years of one’s hard work, and the way someone’s scarred arms can hold the burden of many painful tears 

A wooden table too has beauty, it’s varnished curves carved from trees who once stood tall 

Beauty is all around, it is never ending. 
It is merely just reformed. 
To have beauty is to have experience, but to have experience you need life.

--Llorin Venice P., 6th-8th Grade