Apple Juice

It flows as water, sweet and tart-
Not bitter or cruel- 
In the sun it shines as bright as a jewel- 
But, what changed?- 
Was it the date, or maybe it was the smell that made you unwell- 
Deep down you know- 
Scared to come face to face- 
So blame it on the taste- You see it- 
Once a full sweet jug of apple juice- 
Although the excuse may arise that you forgot the date- 
Other's will say they've noticed change- 
You push them away- 
But deep down you know- 
You see it- 
A leak- S
lowly the juice spilled- 
So, as you watch in disarray- 
The juice slips away- 
It drips slowly - 
Seeping onto the floor - 
You've seen this before- 
But can't ask for help- 
So you let it drip- 
As the jug slowly tips- 
Leaving a sticky mess- 
You find yourself scared of the truth- 
And an empty jug of apple juice-

--Alesia A., 9th-12th Grade