Unrequited Love: Falling for my ex again

I thought i was over you, I really did, 
But then I saw you again and my heart flipped its lid. 
All the old feelings came rushing back, 
And i was left wondering how to react. 

I know you don't want me, I'm not blind, 
But i can't help how i feel inside, 
Every time I see you, my heart skips a beat, 
And everytime I'm left incomplete. 

I know we had our issues, our share of fights, 
But i can't help but think that we could make it right. 
Maybe this time we could find a way, 
To make our love last, come what may. 

But I know it's not that simple, you've moved on, 
And im left with feelings that can't be undone. 
So I'll keep my distance, I'll stay away, 
And hope that someday the pain will fade away.

--Yuliana A., 6th-8th Grade