Two Revolutionary Men

 “Two Revolutionary Men” a two-voice poem

I was born in Virginia

                                           I was born in Massachusetts

I have 9 siblings

I have 16 siblings

I have 2 step children

                                             I have 3 children

I am a husband

I have a horse named Nelson

                                           I have a cat named Whiskers

I travel only to Barbados

                                        I travel a lot, mostly to Europe

I leave school when I am 11

                                              I leave school when I am 10

I learn through reading

I lead

                                                                 I invent

I am a farmer

                                                                 I am a scientist

I am the 14th Chancellor of the

College of William & Mary

                                  I am the founder of what becomes 

                                  the University of Pennsylvania

I am a delegate of the Constitutional Convention 

I fight for the revolution

I write for the revolution

I die at the age of 67

I die at the age of 84

I serve in the Continental Congress

I am the 1st President of the

United States

                                     I am the 1st United States 

                         Postmaster General

I am George Washington

                                                     I am Benjamin Franklin

I am a revolutionary man

--Adam and Annabelle, 6th-8th Grade