Sweet Child Lie

things I wish I'd been told
about truth, and telling your name
they say you must never lie
like malicious fae, they demand ownership
sweet child, lie

lie to the people that would own you
the people that would quantify you
lie so much you have to remind yourself of your truths
in whispered huddles with the ones you choose

if truth is powerful, lies are the muscles that move them
the shield that protects them
and knowing when to lie and when to tell the truth
is great wisdom in a world where we carry ears in our pockets

I know it is hard to hear
when you have been told that lies cause harm
that people wouldn't harm you if they knew the truth
- but is that not the greatest falsehood?

I don't mind that they taught you your truth is sacred
I mind that they taught you your truth is owed
compulsory facts serve the people who make the measurements
and you are immeasurable

so take their words and make them something different
so they don't know what you mean
speak lies and truths, woven carefully
like sacred embroidery

embellishing the cloth you need to survive
and strengthening it
hide away under the threads
the coins for when you need to run

and create new and changing codes with the ones you love
so you each can understand the truths you freely give

--Rain C., Adult