What does it mean? 
I know what it means to be bad 
And sad 
Does it have something to do with that? 
what is Sin? 

When I break the vase the vase that cost my mom a fortune 
And I say I didnt know about this misfortune 
I lied 
And I know 
But what is sin? 

Once, I had been told to mop 
I looked at the glop 
On the floor 
Near the door 
I looked up at my parents and said 
“Must I complete this task?” 
“If its too much to ask” 
I didn’t do it 
I disobeyed 
But what is sin? 

When I started school 
When I was still a fool 
I was mad 
When someone had stole my crayon 
I screamed 
The teacher told me to calm down 
I shouted at her 
Her smile soon turned into a frown
I was disrespectful 
I know 
But what is Sin? 

I soon realized 
All along I knew what sin meant 
I had just wanted to pretend 
That it didnt exist. 

--Mia E., 6th-8th Grade