Oh, To Be a Tree in Love

The brightest and sunniest of days
When I first remember
My branches outstretched, ready to play
He was small, sweet, and tender
It was his laughter that shook me to my roots
When he is around me,
the rest of the world mutes

As the sun beat down,
I shaded my boy so he could rest and lay
It was my favorite when it was with me
He would choose to waste away the day
In the treehouse he would come to escape
It was almost like I was his special place

I am bare, but he still sees my beauty
To watch over him has become my sole duty
I provide him oxygen, shade, and support
I hope he realizes my love will never fall short
As the days grow shorter and are filled with gloom
The warmth he provides me with continues to bloom

All is dead
But I am very much alive
It is for my boy that I must continue to thrive
He makes me strong when I feel weak
He is my color as everything around me is bleak

We both are always growing
But as I remain still
He keeps moving
Moving so fast that he has put me in the past
For I have nothing left to offer
He is different, I am the same
It’s sad because he always made me love change
Now that I’m no longer needed
My boy has left me feeling defeated
Although I miss him greatly
He is forever engraved in me
Oh, to be a tree in love.

--Taylor H.D., 9th-12th Grade.