Love This Earth

This planet is a miracle
With glittering stars and fragrant flowers
Spring showers and balmy breezes
All part of nature's wondrous powers
Thank you, God, for creating this earth

And all the creatures that call it home
From towering elephants on the savannah
To graceful whales that through the oceans roam
But wait, why are they struggling so?

Humanity's careless ways, we know
Our trash and waste, our toxic sprays
Are slowly chipping away at their grace

Let's work together to take care of this earth
And all the beings that share our birth
Reduce, reuse, and recycle with care
And for every creature, show respect and fair

Choose reusable bags and compost your scraps
Buy in bulk and choose eco-friendly wraps
Skip the pesticides and let nature thrive
Every little step counts, as we strive

We only have one earth, one chance
To make a difference, to take a stance
So be the change, be the good, be the reason
This earth lives on, for every season.

--Nettie N., Adult