“ A Letter to my Feathers”

If you come with me you will never have to leave.
This whole ordeal has been pure
Pain for me i don’t know away out
without hating you for doing this to me.

Not Unlike a petulant Child.
Even still i am
Loving and embracing the truth
that i can have nothing
that does not want me to have it.
”I do not Chase!,
I attract!,

What Belongs to me Will find me.”
I possess nothing so i may embrace all things.
Come to me come with me and we will go Everywhere!,
in all ways.
This is how the Journey has always been done.
Forward into Frey!
Forward away from Frey
this has always been the way.

We create.
Beauty in order to legitimize its destruction!
“Make way!, Create! ,and marvel in the destruction!
Kick the Ash and Create again.
Choose this way with me and i shall chose it with you.
And A way we will go!

--Elgar P., Adult