Garden of Locks

A little bright garden sits in mother's woods
A garden full of earth tone, color, and beauty behold
Where we walk her air tickles our feet
Pall our minds within a mindful lot
A flowery tone for our sun to smile
A soothing tone to our heart to skip a beat

A garden full of locks
To be within a mindful lot
Of pickets and pocks
Full of a garden growing locks
To a mind full and swell
A garden to dismantle
A cage of disparity and shallow

My garden of bright rainbows
My cage of dark tones
My endless space

Of endless prosperity

Is here in the Garden of Locks
To who she'll punish we'll never know
As the raspberry king will dismantle
To him dies the death of Montgomery

Mother shuts up the unlikable
And whom to say they are unkillable
As Zeus the might behold, nature structs
As they live to see the death of the mirrored man

When all is done
Nothing is left to say

As the sun smiles as her flowers shrivel
Our hearts they stop
We run dry as we are behold with a grin

And gast smile

Her garden of locks
Calm and honest
While ours heavy
Consequences she makes as we speak

We pick up little rocks as we decide
Little locks grow
With no key
Clueless we pay the price of the garden

--Akari M., 9th-12th Grade.