Dottie Speckles

I have a chicken named Dottie Speckles 
I bought her with all of my shekels 
She has speckles on her head 
And her feathers are soft and red 
Her earlobes are blue 
But I don’t have a clue 
If she is a rooster or a hen 

When I hold her in my arms 
She is as zen as could be 
She wouldn’t hurt a flea 
Even if chickens eat bugs 
They are the animal I love 

Her neck is bare and black 
And she lives in her chicken shack 
She goes “cluck cluck” 
And “bawk bawk” 
She also goes “gawk!” 
And she squawks 

We’ll always be together 
And I’ll love her forever!
 My sweet Dottie!

--Addie N., 3rd-5th Grade