Blue Blues

Indigo midnight navy electric
Like water
Like sky
Like the walls in my room

Cyan teal turquoise indigo
Like rolling waves
Like stormy skies
Like my eyes in the glittering sun

Aquamarine baby cobalt azure
Like the music
Like stinky cheese
Like my hair dyed by my sister's hand

Royal sapphire cornflower robin
Like blueberries in summer
Like jeans off the rack
Like the color I declared at 2 my favorite


Me Blue
Blue who is me

A color, a name, an identity

I am blue like waves
I am blue like song

Who are you? Who am I?

I am blue Blue with the blue hair

Not just a word
Not just an adjective
Not just a color
Not just a name
Not just a feeling

Call me blue for I am blue in all the ways I can be blue

I am Blue.

--Blue K., 9th-12th Grade.