A last name is a legacy.
The name of ancestors, princesses, warriors.
It is presented with pride across car windshields and as tattoos across chests.
Becerra- Surname from Spain, meaning young cow.
Becerra- Two daughters, three sons. Origin- Guanajuato, Mexico.

A poor family. Raised on frijoles and bolillo. Beans and bread. A home built by blistered hands.
No doors. A bucket to haul warm water to the shower. A propane gas tank to fuel the stove.
Roberto- The man who started the voyage to the States. He was the first Becerra to set foot on the Fresno dirt.
Ruben- A show maker. The second Becerra to follow. The youngest. Crossed his young family of four in the 80’s to live a better life with walls made out of wood from developers.

To shower with warm water from pipes. And to cook on a stove that ignites itself.
The rest of the Becerras followed. Tonio, Esthela, Rafa, Ismael, Beto, Martha, Victor Raul.
Then more and more.

Becerra in the U.S has a different meaning. It means those who are resilient.
A nurturer, provider, risk taker, believer in God.
Creators of first generations. Roberto-
The first Becerra to cross over was also the first Becerra to claim territory at Mountain View Cemetery.
Ruben- He naturally followed.

Two headstones. Different sizes, stone and design. Both carved out BECERRA.
Permanently staking their place in this world.
Taking ownership of their lives they created.
Citizenships they earned. Homes they owned. Cars they drove.

Graduations they attended and memories that are retold when loved ones come to switch out dead flowers.
Memories that seemed like far away dreams to the young Becerras crossing the border.
Maybe years from now at a future funeral a young naive boy will mention,
“Look, Mom. There are 3 Becerra’s.” The mom will respond, “Oh, yeah. Maybe they were family and wanted to be close to each other.”
and they will stand and observe the stones.

The boy will skip away.
Not knowing the long voyage the Becerras took to have a permanent place to rest at Mountain View.

--Julie B., Adult