Violet Girl, Violet Pup

Violet Girl, Violet Pup
Violet is the best dog I mean puppy.
But a puppy full of flair!
Oh how her innocent eyes shine,
Let’s throw the ball in the air!
Eek! Is she going to make it?
Will she be fine?
Tops the tops without care!

Go Violet!
It falls right in her mouth,
Root for her, clap and cheer!
Little Violet can hear.

Violet is my pup,
Itching to please
Of course she does, right on up!
Lolling her tongue with ease,
Every agile move this dog does prance,
Trusting her surroundings
Pup, you take every chance
Up with her paw to your hand
Pup you're the best pup I ever had!

When I wrap my arms around her,
Her eyes show love giving
She licks my face with pleasure
To hug her is hope and joy receiving
Violet is my puppy love treasure,
To spend time with her is worth the time believing
She’ll never bring displeasure,
She’s such an acrobat, you’ll want to be seeing!
Violet will bark just for good measure,
Then throw the ball that oh, she loves retrieving.

Violet Girl, Violet Pup!
The Violet who is right on up!
When I cup,
My hands around my mouth,
Then shout her name out loud,
She comes as fast as a shooting star,
You’re the best pup, oh yes you are!!!

🐾– Ellie A., 3rd-5th Grade 🐾