The Treasures of Dream Sleep

The day is over and night calls you to retire
As you lay your head down you begin to hear Hypnos' melodic lyre
You cease to be in the waking world and transition
 to the land of dreams
That fantastic gulf of limitless potential where all is not as it seems
In waking life, you know dreams are but illusions
 yet you fall under their spell of desire

Who can catalog all of what can be created by the unwoken mind?
Alien worlds and beings unseen, and never to be seen again,
are yours to find
Or scenes of simple tranquility one might find in life, 
but all the more perfect in their splendor
Perhaps second chances of life's regrets
playback knowing they haunt you at your core
But watch for nightmares as they prowl in the dark
 to thrust upon you fears you hold enshrined

So vivid are the pictures of dream sleep, but alas
they flee as one begins to awake
You no doubt struggle to remember the images
but your recollection has become opaque
For you see, all dreamers must drink from the river of Forgetfulness to pay for the pleasure
Fret not, while your remembrance is fleeting take heart in knowing your dreams are a treasure
For I, dear dreamer, am Morpehus, the keeper of dreams, 
and your precious dreams
I do not forsake

--Tyler H., Adult