The Space

Looking up into the sky during a dark moonless night
I can see it sometimes.
The space.
That fills the void between objects
That cannot be touched or seen
That is actually just absence of matter and things that matter.
The emptiness of space is between us and yet we stand next to each other in a dimly lit room.
The space between us might as well be the same immeasurable space between objects in
 the universe.

Your lips move.
I can tell because I can see the space between your lips widen as far as the space between
planets and the space between us.
Words come out or so I think as I see your throat move.
But the immeasurable distance of space between us can not be filled up with words and I
can't hear those syllables escape your lips.

So instead I just stare.
Brown hair. Short and silky
Big lips. Red and soft
Long neck. Sensual and dreamy

I think back to when there was no space
All emptiness filled with love and desire
When we couldn't be separated.
“There will come a time,” you said. Those famous little words judging and creating.
The space w i d e n s.

--Gregory P., Adult