The Moonlit Night Sky

In the midst of the moonlit night sky 
Orange streaks offer a glimpse of the sun’s light 
Their source concealed beyond the sea’s horizon 
Where bluffs and precipices stand out strong in silhouettes 
A few boats sail along in the distance 
Giving way to imagination of the sailors’ sunset view 
Perhaps it infinitely magnifies the scene viewed from the shore 
Or perhaps it is already too beautiful to be magnified at all 
Yet this thought cannot be true, for the clouds soon shift and change 
The orange gives way to purple in a matter of seconds 
And in the transition, if only for one frozen moment 
The glorious array of color is enough to still a beating heart 
To shock, astonish, and benumb a viewer 
To convince a member of the shadowed world below 
That there is no time to look up without being stupefied 
In wonder of the sky’s beautiful nature 
Reflected in the sea to create perfect symmetry 
Clear above the horizon and blurred with ripples below it 
For it only takes one glance at the moonlit night sky 
And in an instant, you too will be left in wonder

--Zachary P., 9th-12th Grade