The Feast for the King

We are making a feast, 
To give to the King. 
We are making a feast, 
Where we all sing.
It is such a chore, 
To roast the enormous boar. 
It is such a chore, 
It makes me want to roar.
We eat some toast, 
And a lot of roast, 
And while we eat salad, 
The minstrel composes a ballad. 

There are lots of chairs, 
And some pet bears, 
And for entertainment, 
I can’t tell what the jester meant. 

I could take all night to say, 
Or I could take all day. 
So I will say this: 
A Feast is not something to miss. 

So you should eat a feast, 
And have it with a King, 
And invite people to the feast, 
And have them all sing.

--Miles P., 6th-8th Grade