The Eye Above

What is the All Seeing Eye we speak of?

Is it the Eye we most think of? 

Could be the Eye of Horus; representing well being, healing and protection… 

Could be the Eye of Ra; representing power, fury, and collision… 

Maybe the Eye of Providence; representing God's divine power and divinity over humanity and all his creations… 

The same God that’s shown on the back of the Dollar Bill, as a triangle with Gods eye inside floats on top of a pyramid with great formation…. 

Could be the Triangle on my palms, and also Palmistry is meant to read the future and the present. 

Or maybe the Helix Nebula, as like an eye ball watching over all of space and time. 

Personally, everything is God and God is everything. The way things fall into place, how time is used, how family and relationships are built, how music is made, how evolution evolves. God is the weather that brings the Sun and the Moon, rain and wind. He is everything loving and everything kind and represents growth and life. He represents connection and production.

The Eye above

--Adolphus P., Adult