The Elbow

A broken elbow, oh what pain!
A sudden jolt, a crack, a strain.
The arm now useless, limp and weak,
The slightest movement brings a shriek.
No more can it lift, no more can it hold,
No more can it do what it was told.
The simplest tasks now seem so hard,
A broken elbow, it leaves us scarred.
The body's fragile, we must beware,
One false move, and we're left in despair.
But fear not, for time will heal,
And soon enough, we'll regain our zeal.
The body's resilient, it will recover,
And we'll be back to being a mover.
A broken elbow, just a bump in the road,
We'll come out stronger, with a lighter load.

--Armani M., 9th-12th Grade.