The Boy

You're in Love with a boy, 
But can't speak to him. 
You have meaningful conversations, 
Only through a screen 

Real interactions feel odd 

They leave you feeling down, 
But anything to see his smile, 
Even to be left with a frown 

He's giving you signs, 
Hard to ignore, 
Maybe it´s but kindness, 
Why assume more? 

But no, he's so nice, 
To seemingly only you. 
Let yourself believe his feelings are true. 

But you don't. 

You leave yourself confused, 
You're giddy, upset, and confused. 

Yet you can't ask for his input. 
How does he really feel? 

You've confessed your Love. 

He didn't confirm or deny reciprocation. 

It leaves you with new fascination. 

How does he feel? 

Every interaction is friendly, 
Makes you feel loved, 
But as soon as he leaves, 
The warm feeling dissolves. 

The boy leaves you with a Lovestruck smile, 
Which will fade in a while. 

You watch as his rounded hips, 
Soft lips go 

Your feelings for him, 
Unmistakably show. 

Every exchange keeps you unhinged, 

Head over heels, 

Drawing you in. 

Even if its brief, 
It sure feels right 

In Love with a boy. 

In Love at first sight

--Leah M., 9th-12th Grade