Temporarily Cast Away in Life

Stanza I: Ships Come & Go 

1 Some may venture into your life and you’ll expect them to stop at bay, 

2 yet sometimes they cast away from you and that’s okay. 

3 Like an experience you begin but eventually exit, 

4 they take up a fragment of your internal existence. 

Stanza II: Tugging Your Own Sails 

5 One relies on themself, 

6 to pursue the dreams that they indelve. 

7 Some uncover the epiphany that one is a culmination of their experiences and not of their possessions. 

8 Then embarking on a life of bliss and true expression. 

9 Staying afloat and not losing their way, 

10 even in a thunderstorm that threatens them to go astray. 

Stanza III: The Power of Your Sails 

11 There may be an entity that is abysmal, 

12 and makes one realize that life is far from superficial. 

13 Perhaps it is any reference to belief that drives our survival, 

14 and overcomes the darkness in grief’s arrival. 

15 Is it a lack of belief that causes us to be cast away from our own ship? 

16 Causing us to shake at the arms of the waves and the legs of the sea, unconsciously sinking into a damaged trip? 

Stanza IV: Reeling in Your Ship 

17 Cast away from life but an ounce of hope that allows one to steady themselves. 

18 After all, the ship is not meant to have a safe journey streak with its long history shelf. 

19 You can still navigate even the stormiest of destinations with hope. 

20 Reminding you of the reason you boarded and the excitement that comes with the ups and downs of life’s scope.

--Rajvir R., Adult