You, the one that waits in the hallway while I'm Far away,
The one who's nails tap dance on the tile as you go wild,
The one who gazes at me as I pretend to be unfazed and continue to devour,
The one that falls into a deep slumber and snores like thunder,
The one who will continue to bite as I attempt to write,
The one who bothers almost like a brother,
The one who waits with an empty bowl and full bowel,
The one, who whines at the door to release the pressure as I sigh and my body wants to sink into the floor,
The one that can run so fast like a splur,
The one that cries same as I,
The one who I watched grow from a cup sized pup to a large quadruped with a large rump,
The one who barks so loud one would think a whole crowd resides in his mouth,
The one who has all these qualities and more,
When it comes to dogs he's my number 1 rank! Thank you for all the memories my dear Tank.

--Damian B., 9th-12th Grade.