Sunset with my dog

Well I am laying on my bad tried and exhausted
From want people call school
I been so nicely from my parent to walk the dog
Was not , but well I un he hedged his catch of Missouri and only can look at it with dark chocolate eyes as big as the golf ball . With white polar bear fur with that heart spot near his tail he welds to his water bowl . Getting a water bottle of water to get him ready for the mile his about to do with those small marshmallows legs . Well I open the door to freedom for him he weld some more to our spot I sit on sit on gray , hard , concrete floor he sits on bed of some elegant grass,. The green shine to the light of the sun hitting it so gentle . My dog getting comfortable well we sit together watch the shine go down to other side of our world. Seeing the colors glint ,making the night falls
We to see tomorrow together again

--Sheyla H.,9th-12th Grade.