Stay True

You may be rude. You may be nice. You may be whoever you dream. People must stay true to themselves to truly win. There has never been someone who wasn’t true to themselves that was happy. 

You can be an engineer. You can be a mathematician. You can be whatever you want. If you aren’t who you want then be warned, I can’t promise, friend, that you will live a happy life. 

I am asking you to be true to yourself. Don’t lie about your dreams. You can be a mathematician and be nice. 

You can choose your path. No matter what path you pick, no matter who you’re friends with, no matter what you do. Someone will be by your side. It might be a friend, or family.
Your friends and family would want you to be true to yourself. I want you to be true to yourself. If you are a circle trying to fit into a square it won’t work. You won’t be happy. You won’t be satisfied. 

So, if you are who you want. If you stay true to yourself. Then you will finally be happy. It’s not one person that believes in you. It’s everyone who has helped you stay true to yourself.

--Maya S., 6th-8th Grade