My sister, My favorite talker
And listener
She’s my built in best friend
I’ll love her till the very end 
Oh I missed the days
We stayed up all night and watched movies
Then ran to the kitchen and ate our sushi
We may argue and fight 
But I’ll never find another her 
I can’t find any in site
Thank you for all the smiles, giggles and laughs
Time is flying
Let’s save our memories 
Say cheese
For the photograph 
As I look at you 
I feel like I’m looking at my reflection in a mirror
We laugh the same
We have the same ways of thinking
On our 5 page essay
We talk the same, we walk the same
We’re just like our mama
She’s the one to blame
To have a sister like you, it’s fairly a blessing
Life without you, would be extremely depressing
Thank God for someone like you
So kind, fashionable, and thankful too
What would I do without you?
I have no clue.

--Anabelle C., 9th-12th Grade