She Ain't Here No More

She ain’t here when I get up in the morning
When I eat breakfast
She ain’t here.
Alone now, so alone
‘Cause she ain’t here.

With a tortured heart.
She ain’t here when I feed the cat
Or clean up his scat.
Do the dishes
Or take a nap.
She ain’t here when the sun shines in
Or when it rains.
She ain’t here To soothe my pains;
Or to pick my brains
She ain’t here
And I miss her so
Why did she have to go?
A tortured heart now!

Apart now!
She ain’t here
To hold my hand;
Or wear my wedding brand.
She ain’t here
To give me a boost
When I come home to roost.
She ain’t here
To show me the way
On a stormy day.
To kiss me in the morning
Or good night.
To tell me she loves me

She ain’t here.
Two of us together
Well paired
But, sadness now
Because she ain’t here.
No, she ain’t here.

--Dale A., Adult