I feel like I should reach the stars, but I'm underwater,
I struggle and fight my head above the sea.
The waves, relentless, crash over me.
I may sink down into its murky depths.
But for now I fight and struggle, the only thing powering me is the will to be.

I think as I look at the moon from my backyard.
If life was to be compared to fighting to escape the sea,
Could people come together in a time of need,
Perhaps to build a boat and sail that sea?
That seems much better than drowning alone.
Perhaps someday I will see someone struggling to breathe, drowning in life,
And I shall rescue them as someone did me.
Because if life is to be compared to a sea,
Someone will need to build the boat.
Maybe that someone is me.

--Olivia F. 6th-8th Grade