My love,
They ask if you have been displaced
But you are no mere thing
Where have you gone, I wonder?
You have me distraught
Am I out of my mind?
I wonder, where have you gone?
The market?
The park?
With your lot?
Or perhaps you have retreated…
Ah, now I see it
Back to the clouds
The sky where you belong
Where none but God and I can feel your presence
You were never lost
You were never here to begin with
But oh, how I wish you were
How we’d laugh
How we’d joy
How we’d watch the stars
How we’d never leave home
All the fun we’d have
All the stories we’d tell
All the life we’d live
I know you and I miss you and I long for you
But I have never met you
Don’t leave me here, stranded
At least not for too long
I await your manifestation,
My love

--Ryan A., 9th-12th Grade