Our Reality

I don’t feel well so i’m not gonna go to school today. 
“Are we fake being sick or are we lazy?”
No we’re trying to heal our mental health as we don’t have anymore energy to conceal.
Can you tell me the flavors? 
“Sure, do you want coke, lemon or green apple?” 
We can’t stand this anymore as we breath in toxic chemicals. 
Can you pass me the lighter? 
“Sure, are you gonna light the cake?”
No we’re gonna smoke to take away the pain that we’ve been putting up with everyday.
“It’s just a joke don’t be mad” 
Ya but it broke my heart and went deep into my soul. 
“Get out of bed and stop being lazy” 
We’re mentally drained everyday as it’s hazy. 
“Someone was mean to you at school? Get over it.” 
Okay, even though they make my insecurity’s rise up everyday. 
Can you pass me the drink? 
“Sure, water, coke, or lemonade?” 
Neither, I want to get intoxicated to block out what tomorrow has in store. 
Can you pass me the sharpener? 
“Sure, for your pencil or crayon”
I’m actually drawing my own blood to feel numb so maybe I can.

--Katy A., 9th-12th Grade