Ode To East Kerckhoff

A place to many, but home to me
Everything I go down the road, I see beautiful trees blossoming in the warm open sun
But in front of the place, I call home, I see a lonesome palm tree
As a child I played in the backyard but didn’t dare to go to the front, to Kerckhoff
I feared the cars passing, the people walking, dogs barking
I feared being alone, my parents would watch from a far, but it was too far for me
But when I found a friend down East Kerckhoff to play with
The road become a home to me
I no longer feared the people walking by
Instead, I greet them
As the years passed East Kerckhoff was not gloomy or scary
But a kind friend with open arms!

--Luis L., 9th-12th Grade.