The distance between me and you 
Is like the distance between being at shore and going out to sea 
Its how i’ll always go back to you like the boat goes out to sea 
You’ll push and push and push me away 
Yet i’ll stay and stay and stay until you feel okay 
You’ll push me away and i’ll stay here 
Like the waves push the shells away 
They’ll stay there no matter how hard you push them away 
Or the way the seaweed gets tangled around your foot 
Is the way I get tangled in your love 
The way the sunset sets and is breath taking and beautiful Is what describes you 
Or how the smell of coconuts reminds me of you 
The way the wind blows so gentle Is how you were with me 
The ocean will always be a reminder of us and how we used to be

--Maryana P., 9th-12th Grade.