My Scales

I love my scales. My beautiful blue purple scales. My scales are different from the others, but Momma says it is because “I am a wonder.”

I take Mommas words and stick them to my heart to remind myself that I am a wonder and not a blunder.

I always say, “I love your scales, look at mine,” but everyone thinks they are just plain and fine.

When I go up to someone and ask, “Do you want to be my friend?” they always say “No, I want a cool friend instead.”

One day when I was looking for shells, I saw a girl on the ground. Her eyes were swollen from tears as two others were bullying her.

As I studied the girl, I saw her scales and gasped. They were red and orange, not like the others.

When the two bullies left, I swam up to her and hugged her. I then said, “I love your scales, look at mine,” and she thought they were beautiful and fine.

She asked, “Do you want to be my friend?” and I said “No, I would love to be your friend and would never choose anyone normal instead.”

--Fayth B., 3rd-5th Grade