My Flower

I feel as though I've watered a plant and it is now beginning to grow.
Only a stem shows, but the roots are deep below.
I want to grow this plant until a flower shows.
Then one day I'll show the world how much he has grown.
I will care for this flower and never let him die.
One day, when his flower shows, I will make his flower shine.
I want to show everyone what I've grown, and that this flower is mine.
I want to love my flower, even if he doesn't grow.
He will still be my flower, mine and mine alone.
I hope every day that he grows and learns to care for me.
I want him to grow for his sake and at his pace, not to grow for me.
I will not overwater my plant just to make him grow,
nor will I use plant steroids because those will hurt him more.
I will treat my plant with kindness, and I’ll love him no matter what.
I will always hope that he grows, but it is his decision.
And if he grows, such a wonderful sight it will be.
He will bloom into a beautiful flower, and he will shine on his own.
One day he will grow into a big bush of flowers, and I will love him more.
I love my flower, from beginning and middle, for there is no end.
It will always be my flower and I.
Together growing.

--Cristal B., Adult