Monster under the bed

Under a spell
During the night
A potion of sleep
Can give you a fright

A different path
As the night spreads
The corridors expand
Under your bed

When the tide begins to pull
Your heart will shake,
You begin to snore
Unbeknownst to your cozy home
A monster lies below your abode

Deep within the cracks of the wall
Deep within the humidity calls
After midnight wide awake
You seem to feel a presence shake

Deep within the holes of your room
Deep within your cozy tomb
Wide awake within the blue
Wide awake watching you

A tumble, a sound, here and there
A shot of rumble everywhere
Someone is there, peeping through
But what else can you do?

Silent, still, or wait the night away
Crying till daylight breaks
Or maybe just a subtle thought
Make a new friend who is there a lot

--Bella T., 9th-12th Grade.