Lunar Mission

I am getting in a rocket, 
I am going to the moon, 
I’ve got supplies in my pocket, 

And I cannot feel gloom.
And now we’re going up, 
Straight up into the sky, 
So I tell my buddy “yup, 
Let’s watch the stars go by.”

I feel the glory and the fame, 
I’m being filmed by the nation, 
This is like a cool video game, 
I can see the space station!

We have arrived! 
“Let’s explore,” I said. 
I shall not be deprived! 
I shall never go to bed.

“Now, don’t be silly,” 
Said my friend. 
“We shall not willie nillie, 
Yet this won’t be the end!”

So we spent all our time well, 
And gathered lunar rock, 
Then we heard the ‘come back’ bell, 
And hurried back to the dock.

So we spent a year in the space station, 
It has a cool exterior, 
And I realized I was above the nation, 
And I felt very superior.

--Emmett P., 3rd-5th Grade