Into the Storm

A storm came and hit this ship.
Grasping, gasping…trying to find purchase.
Looking for an anchor as security slides from my grip.
Hope turns to ashes as dreams sink beneath the surface.

Dark brown eyes look heavenwards; following resplendent rain drops,
Splattering like hammer and anvil my soul.
Greyness descends upon the sky, just beyond the treetops.
Lost, confused as emotions spin like a wheel out of control.

Reality is overwhelming.
Heart and soul hurt.
Cathartic tears flow as reality sets in.
Need to find a quiet place.

Nothing can ever be as it was; or as one thought it would become.
Left hapless, to watch as expectations and dreams melt away into the mist.
Yield to change one must, the time is now to succumb.
Still, the soul is speared by a searing sadness the heart finds hard to resist.

Change…fleeting, mercurial is the ephemeral nature of time.
Everything, everyone is transitory, no matter how carefully the soil is tended.
The call to keep moving forward, is akin to an insistent chime.
So now, my footsteps are turned towards a lonesome road.

No longer distracted by trying to survive the crashing waves.
Understanding blooms…it’s the transitory nature of always and forever.
Remnant of iridescent shards rain down to cleanse my gaze.
Dreams, hopes to slide away like salty teardrops on a whisper.

An epiphany strikes like a bolt of lightning.
As you walk your path without me; I will mourn.
The locks on my heart are slowly tightening.
Sending out nothing but love. Maybe love will return.

--Joan C., Adult