I wonder, where to begin
Telling you about this
About a certain feeling that’d engulfed my mind
About a certain thought, that filled up in my heart

I wonder where to begin,
When I tell you about this
About the way my heart pounds and my mind yearns
To even catch the tiniest glimpse
Of someone so dear to me

I wonder where to begin
When I tell you
That a day in his absence
It feels like the sheer sense of agitation
Of a lost traveler
Stranded in a desert
Feels like the way he strives
To quench his unimaginable thirst

I even wonder how
I want to let you know
Of the countless dreams that I’ve had
Where I held his hand
And his ever-so-loving eyes
Looked up to me
For that warmth

I wonder if you would believe me
If I tell you that there were times when my hopes abandoned me
When my heart decided to embrace the darkness
And when my soul hopelessly wandered in the gloom
It seemed like all was lost
But it wasn’t so easy It wasn’t so fragile
I waited
And hoped
And waited some more
For I know that he moment I first heard your beating heart
I knew that I was going to keep you safe
I knew that we were as inseparable
As the shore to the sea
And I knew
That you’d be home.
To me.

--Nikhil B., 6th-8th Grade