Growing up

Suddenly I realize one day I won't be the kid I am today
I won't wake up to go to school anymore 
I won't get to leave classes early for a soccer game 
And I sure as hell won't have as many friends 
But that's OK because we all grow up one time or another 
Some early, some late, some right as they leave the house for college 
I mean that's the way the world spins
 Right now, I'm a student 
In 10 years I might be a lawyer on my first case, I might be on broadway, or maybe I'll work some random minimum wage job 
Nobody's ever really sure what they are gonna do in life 
But eventually we all figure it out 
Because we all grow up someday and we don't know when it will happen till it happens 
So while I can, I'm gonna be a kid

--Savannah M., 9th-12th Grade.