On a field of grass, we take the stand
Eleven players, with a game in hand
The crowd erupts, as we take our place
The game is on, in this stadium
With a whistle blow, the game begins
And we move as one, with hearts and limbs
We play, we push, we pass with skill
Our goal in sight, we move with will
The opponents, they try to block
But we push on, with strength unlocked
We break through, with a mighty roar
And score a touchdown, to even the score
The game goes on, with sweat and strain
For in this game, we find our soul
And give it all, to reach our goal
And when the game is finally done
We stand tall, with our victory
For in football, we find our pride
And leave our hearts, on the field outside

--Lucas H., 9th-12th Grade.