First Fireworks

How will I feel, I guess I’ll soon know
As I get to experience my first fireworks show
Perched on my dads shoulders, hands cupped around his chin
Father & son waiting for the show to begin.

Distant buildings silhouetted against the dark sky
Spectators jostling & settling as babies cry
Children jumping excitedly in the huge crowd
Excitement building up, as it grows very loud.

A deafening bang, spiraling colors burst forth
Boom, boom all around me as I cling on for support
Whistling and crackling, fireworks shoot up high
Soaring and swirling, illuminating the sky.

Ear-splitting sounds as loud as thunder
Mesmerized expressions lit up in wonder
Watching in awe, a dazzling display unfold
A rainbow of colors, a sight to behold.

Black sky becomes an ocean of light
Flashes of color soaring so bright
Thrilled and excited, I laugh in delight
And clap my hands at the spectacular sight.

Cascading colors flow steadily from the sky
Illuminating the night as sparks float by
Red, yellow and green, such a vivid array
Raining down like a waterfall, a brilliant display.

Evident pleasure flits across people’s faces
Wonderment and glee reflected in gazes
Eyes shining brightly, as enthralled they stare
Oohing and aahing as fireworks explode in the air.

A sulfur-like smell drifts across the crowd
As we’re slowly enveloped in a hazy cloud
Smoky and pungent, I cover my nose
As the colorful crescendo comes to a close.

With childlike wonder, I marvel at all I saw
The colors, the sounds, the expressions of awe
I walk away clutching my dads hand tight
Knowing I’ll never forget this magical night.

--Sinead B., Adult