Eden's Hope

The garden kingdom put hope in a crown
But her very first king would drag her down
A king himself ruled by flesh
Would take paradise and make it a mess
Abandoned, forgotten, cast aside
Must have been that Eden's Hope was a lie

Disposed people sent to the East
The promise forgotten, rebellion increased
Ages of suffering, pain and distress
Then a spark of hope under a star in the West
In a barn the child opened his eyes
Creation rang out, Eden's Hope has arrived

The new King proclaimed a gospel true
The decaying world he would renew
Blind to the glory He held in his words
Slaves to destruction, they picked up their swords
Nails in his hands and a spear in His side
How could it be that Eden's Hope had died?

The faithful were dumbfounded, Adam's ransom was struck
Instead of triumphant, drug through the muck
Darkness descended and flooded the heaven
The kingdom wept kingless, abandoned again
Into the deep sorrow, a world shaking surprise
Defeat was undone, Eden's Hope did arise!

The King reigns eternal, the promise is true
The hope of the garden is offered to you
The scourge of sin will be wiped soon away
Where will you stand on that glorious day
Paradise without ending, beyond words can describe
For the world will be made new, Eden's Hope is alive!

--Kevin D., Adult