Dear little me

your going to run into people
that wont love you the way you
deserve, your worth a whole lot
more, despite what you have heard.
Life wont be easy but god gave you
2 feet to stand. your going to go
through life alone with noone there
when you hold out your hand. on days
when the tears overwhelm you & you want
to dissapear, just know god is with you
& will always be near, the struggle you
will face will be the foundation for your
strength, you will realize it when you look
back on life one day. So Dear little me
please remember your stronger than you
know, no matter what comes before you, you
will never fold. God made you special, one day
you will feel. God will give you a little one to
prove to you how important you will be!
So on days when your heart is broken
please remember my dear, God made you strong
for a reason, you will see when you get here.
the armor of God surrounds you as you
walk this life alone, it will all be
worth it. thats all you had to know.

--Shalece M., Adult