Before you came
My sins had set on fire the peace I had inside
I burned every bridge and had built walls
No one was allowed in

Any demon that could ride with me, did
And destroyed little by little pieces of me

I had lost myself

I had placed my eyes in a box
I no longer cared if it was right or wrong
My lips sang no peace

I was trapped deep in a dark forest
Confusion had set in
“Why was I here?” I said
The serpent that tempted Eve came to tempt me

This sin burned the smallest flower I had

You found me there and said, “not just one flower but a whole garden shall bloom, spring will come I will show you.”

You said, “the winter rain will bless the soil, and the cold will last several nights.
On the day of the last frost will place seeds in the ground.
From day till night, we will work, and when you cannot anymore we will rest.
When you can continue I will be there beside you."

 Day after day you remained

The forest no longer seem dark
Your warmth was the very thing I needed
Your kindness cured my loneliness
And out of your fountains, I drank love

Had you been there all along?

Scars and bruises slowly faded away
Painful memories put to rest
Resentment with peace
Mourning with joy
And lastly forgiveness for strength

I woke up and found myself in your spring
Warmth and rays of sun dispersed in every corner of the forest
Daffodils surrounded me

The garden you spoke of was here
In me

I smile knowing you are still here
You know me
I know you

With you, I will spend the rest of my days
You’re my daffodil
You are my peace

--Valentina M., Adult