Come Gather Round While the Fire's Still Warm

Come gather round while the fires still warm 
Let me tell you of living before you were born 
Before the fires of hell where brought to our doors 
And the lies of Creed crept thru our floors
Come gather round while the fires still burns
For secrets of those whom lived long ago
Before the glory of heaven was beyond our mere world 
And imposed upon all who we must serve

Come gather round while the embers burn bright 
Consider all you’ve been taught thought out of fright, 
desire for comfort and earthly delights 
Oppressing the soul from its true height 

Come gather round while the fire spreads warmth
To learn of spirits spells magic and lore 
Where do we come from, what are we here for 
Why do we tell stories that’ve been told before? 

Come gather round while the fire still burns 
My time is short and there are those that wage war
Not for freedom liberty love or joy 
But for their fears are their king
And the king always wants more 

Come gather round while the fire light dims 
Hand and hand with all your kin
Sing with me now for we might not again 
Sing with me now let the story begin 

Do you know what foreign folk believe? 
What of Mars, Venus, she wolf and the Greeks?
Alexander the Great? Aristotle and Plato? 
Socrates, Irony ignorance and wisdom 
Do you know the Estrucans? Apollo? the muses ? 
Orpheus ?, the Hurrian Hymn ? and the Romanichal people? 
The Vardos? the bards? wandering minstrels and griots? 
Do you know the efforts made to erase these people?
Efforts to confuse and efforts to displace
Do you know of the cave 
And the shadows you’re seeing
Or the reason you’ve been choose to do what you’ve chosen?
Or do you only know what you’ve been told and of ancient ruins?

Come gather round while till the fires no more
Come gather round while moon and stars glow 
With more memories then you or I could ever hold 
Come gather round while the fires still warm

--Marcus A., Adult