Cats are nice
but they come at a price
whether Maine Coon or Turkish Van
I'm The Biggest Cat Fan
their oh-so-cuddly in my lap

In my arms; He takes a nap
Some cats are known for catastrophe
These will (on occasion) make you lose your sanity
The shorthairs and the longhairs
and sometimes the bares
All of them I love
although there are many enemies for the cat to speak of
like dogs and squirrels and mice alike
But my heart for cats has no dislike
there swift and steady
always ready to leap from a height,
that will give any of us much fright
but they know they're alright
when they jump from that height
because Gods loving hand,
the work he did was grand
to give them no fear of heights
when they leap that fearful night,
the cat knows he will land
and go back home, king of the clan
and as he sleeps in my lap,
I know: he's the best little chap.

--Raegan D., 3rd-5th Grade