A gentle smile, seemly loving. 
This smile is devilish it draws out even the most buried of secrets. 
Her smile is dangerous, so is my blind faith in it. 
Her smile is priceless, 
I’d offer an arm and a leg if only I were the cause of it, 
Lying, lying her way to me, is she aware of her beauty? 
She flies away too quick so I cannot remind her of it. 

I seek her console, 
She’s observing signs of weakness. 
She asks if I’m afraid, 
I pay no mind to the way she reads me 
and I offer up whatever is surely welling inside. 
She invites me into her arms, 
I have unknowingly accepted her poison, 
like candy. 

A begging apology slides off her tongue. 
I’m deceived, 
by her words, I am no one. 
I feel so safe, I feel so loved, 
So convinced forgiving is what I have to do. 
Will I be able, after I’m left abandoned, 
after she is done with me? 
I don’t have the will to leave, 
so you see, she is my everything, so I bide my time, 
sipping her poison, 
eating it like candy, 
but this time it’s knowingly.

--Dani C., 6th-8th Grade