Blue Eyed Soul

A rumble in the drumline 
Awakens his slumbering spirit 
Invoking his blue eyed soul 

Sweat shines in the spotlight 
Tick-a-Tack-a, Tick-a-Tack-a 
Click clack click 
When the hoofer stomps the floor 
The crowd grows native 

Slap those skins 
And raise that roof 
With your smooth sultry voice 
Stroking your blue eyed soul 

Gravel in the horns start to rattle 
Harmony and tickle join the ivory 
Jazz, shnazz 
And razz-a-ma-tazz 
Sling the straw hat to the beat 

Beat me daddy 
Eight to the bar 
And ring-a-ding dingin'... 
I'm swaying with his blue eyed soul

--Molly N., Adult