As My Being Lay Scattered

As my being lay scattered 
from it's shell I writhe in hidden heap 
Let the earth envelope me 
As I crawl deep into its holy wood 
I found a place 
Where no one could see 
a pulsing dark serpent 
Breathing blood from my skin 
I release my poisons 
I surrender my frame 
I beg for relief 
From this psychic pain 
Where do I begin 
What becometh my end? 
I float above a sea who will not receive yet my 
To burn to dust, to writhe in flame 
To beg the Lord my soul to hold 
I am on fire 
Thrashing about 
My bloodlet being 
Til nothing is left 
My dust to salt exalted ash 
The air that lifts me back to God 
And gnashes me down to build me back as clay.

--Crystal R.,  Adult